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This Week In Email March 28th 2016
2 min read

This Week In Email March 28th 2016

This Week In Email March 28th 2016

In this edition of This Week in Email, we’re going to jump right in with some email marketing predictions for 2020. The next stop is learning how to create mobile-friendly email and and in the last two articles we will study some interesting email user habits. Let’s get started!

This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, email validation tips and tips on email list quality. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

The Future of Email Marketing | Litmus

"Think of the innovations that have impacted email marketing professionals in the past 5 years. [...] Considering all of that change, we couldn’t help but wonder: What do the next 5 years have in store?" Chad White, Litmus

Starting off this week is a very exciting article that has some of the top experts in email marketing speak about the way the industry will evolve by 2020. Find out what each of these marketing gurus have to say as they share their thoughts on how they think things will turn out based on their present and past experience. Some suggest we might witness a reversal back to plain text, others talk about how complex in design and functionality email will become. Read more >>

Email Marketing in a Mobile-First Era: How to Get It Right | MarketingProfs

"Email marketing is alive and kicking in mobile so make sure you put your data-driven mobile cap on when planning, executing, and optimizing your campaigns." Shani Rosenfelder, AppsFlyer

Our next stop is at MarketingProfs, as they touch on a very important subject that should interest every email marketer: mobile optimization. It features five levels that you can work at to get your email campaign mobile-optimized: design, content, location-driven offers, deeplinking with apps, and cross-channel integration. Get some timely, practical advice on how to make your email campaign suitable for mobile devices. Read more >>

Email Is Eating More of Your Life Than You Think | Contently

"Sending emails can make you feel like a lovestruck middle schooler—when should you send the note? Have they read it yet?" Jillian Richardson, Contently

Here’s another interesting read for this week. This colorful article will help you understand your subscribers better. Find out how many hours they spend with email in a day, what is best time of day to be sending out marketing emails, words that you should and should not use in email titles, and other interesting facts and stats about the average email user. Read more >>

9 Questions People Ask Before Opening an Email | Inc.

"You have two seconds (at most) to convince the recipient of your email that your email is worth opening." Geoffrey James,

The last stop is yet another article that talks about the email user’s behaviour and motivations. It really helps when you can put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes. Geoffrey James has done that and he came up with 9 questions people ask before opening an email. By understanding them, with a few simple tweaks, you will create more engaging campaigns and you will see higher conversion rates. Read more >>

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