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This year’s record-breaking Thanksgiving
3 min read

This year’s record-breaking Thanksgiving

This year’s record-breaking Thanksgiving

In this edition of This Week in Email, we share with you some statistical data regarding email activity during Thanksgiving week from two of the most reputable ESPs out there: MailChimp and Constant Contact. Both ESPs boast with record breaking number of emails sent during this period of time. Next, we share with you two articles that talk about why it’s important to have a high-quality email address list: how to obtain it, maintain it and restore it when necessary. We hope you will find all of them helpful and informative.

This Week in Email is a weekly digest of email deliverability updates, email marketing news, and tips on how to easily validate email lists and maintain email list quality. If you have an article you would like us to consider, send us a tweet @datavalidation.

Small Biz Saturday Soars and an Amazing New Record | Constant Contact

"To give you a proper visual of just how many emails that is: if each email were a single sheet of paper stacked on top of each other, the resulting pile would be about 11.2 stories tall." Jason Fidler, Constant Contact

A MailChimp Record: 1.2 Billion Emails on Black Friday | MailChimp

"What’s even more exciting is how much email our users sent throughout the day. As expected, sending ramped up very early in the morning as our users sent out doorbuster sale info and receipts. And at our peak sending hour around 11am ET that morning, MailChimp sent more than 80 million emails. That’s more than 22,000 emails each second!" Anna Ward, MailChimp

This Thanksgiving week, MailChimp and Constant Contact sent a huge amount of emails, peaking with roughly 1.5 billion emails sent collectively by both ESPs on Black Friday, and the same volume on Cyber Monday.
The featured articles also include statistics referring to changing trends such as increased mobile opens and decreased PC opens. They will help you figure out if you’re up to date with the new trends.
For example, are your email campaigns mobile-friendly? Click on the titles above to get a look at each article.

How your email lists affect delivery and engagement | Campaign Monitor

"Your email list is the foundation of your email marketing and ensuring that you build and maintain your list carefully is imperative to the successful delivery and engagement of your emails." James Smart, Campaign Monitor

In our most recent blog posts we focused a lot on how you can increase your deliverability through the power of targeting your campaign. Targeting can play a major role in your campaign deliverability, but the most important factor with regard to deliverability is unquestionably the quality of your email address database. James Smart, who is Compliance Specialist at Campaign Monitor, talks about the importance of acquiring and maintaining a healthy email address list.
The article treats the subject in a very comprehensive manner. He starts out by talking about how important it is to acquire your email addresses through an opt-in process, and gives very convincing arguments against purchasing lists of email addresses. Then he goes on to talk about the danger of sending to old email addresses, and recommends having such a list validated in order to rule out any email address that has become invalid. Smart stresses the importance of attentively monitoring your campaign so that you can recognize any signs of list wear such as low open and click-through rates, and recommends re-engagement campaigns for subscribers who seem to have lost interest in your content.
So in this article you basically have a complete recipe for acquiring and maintaining a healthy email address database. Read more >>

Buying lists costs more than just money | Word to the Wise

“Outsourcing address collection to list selling companies is more expensive than it looks on paper. That doesn’t stop anyone from building a business around purchased lists, though." Laura Atkins, Word to the Wise

And now for the last article we recommend this week, we turn to the controversial subject of purchased email lists. If you thought buying email address lists was a good investment for your business, Laura Atkins from Word to the Wise will make you think again after reading this short article.
The article tries to prove that purchasing email address lists can end up being more costly in money and other resources and even more complicated than playing by the rules, which would seem slower. Laura Atkins hits the nail right in the head with convincing arguments supporting her theory. Read more >>

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